Human Remains Analysis

Forensic anthropology consultancy services

  1. Human vs non-human bone identification (Non-invasive)
  2. Minimum Number of Individuals (MNI) present (Non-invasive)
  3. Ancestry/Ethnicity examination (Non-invasive)
  4. Age-at-death estimation (Non-invasive)
  5. Sex estimation (Non-invasive)
  6. Stature estimation (Non-invasive)
  7. Pathology/Trauma interpretation (Non-invasive)
  8. Trauma: Ante-mortem, peri-mortem or post-mortem
  9. Advise on the use of other forensic specialities
  10. Search and recovery of human remains from fire scenes
  11. Participation in the search for missing-presumed-dead individuals
  12. Examination of museum or specimen collections to identify possibilities for publishable research projects or case histories
    Bone/Tooth sampling
  1. Removal of samples for DNA analysis (Invasive)
  2. Removal of samples for radiocarbon dating (C14) (Invasive)
  3. Removal of samples for stable isotope analyses (Invasive)