Human Remains Services Ireland

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Dr René Gapert

PhD, Prof Cert (Forensic Radiography), FRAI, MCSFS, Cert FA-III


I am a Forensic Practitioner: Forensic Anthropologist Level III (Royal Anthropological Institute) and have full professional liability and public indemnity insurance to cover my work on forensic and historical human remains.  All my examinations are carried out with the greatest attention to detail and adherence to the Code of Practice, Ethics and Professional Standards of the British Association for Forensic Anthropology (BAFA). I am listed on the Experts Advisers Database of the UK NCA (National Crime Agency) and I pay particular attention to the ethical treatment of all human remains with special consideration of the respective faiths of the deceased. I will advise you on the utilisation of other forensic specialities if required.


All consultancy work I carry out is strictly between you (my client) and myself (the consultant) and I will not share any reports, images or other details with a third party unless I have your explicit permission to do so.


I offer international forensic anthropological consultancy services to Coroners, Police, Government institutions, NGOs, research groups/individuals, private individuals and other businesses/companies. I am not bound by time or location restrictions and will work out a time plan that suits you best.